Anti bacterial floor coatings

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About anti bacterial floor coatings

Anti bacterial floor coatings are a crucial element in maintaining hygiene standards in various environments. Moreover, these specialised coatings contain agents that actively reduce the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms. Therefore, ensuring a cleaner and safer surface. Furthermore, these coatings are particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas prone to bacterial growth such as healthcare facilities, food processing plants, schools, and also commercial kitchens. Additionally, they offer an additional layer of protection against harmful pathogens, promoting a healthier environment.

Specialised anti bacterial floor coatings

At Industrial Resin Flooring Ltd , we provide specialised floor coatings designed with your safety in mind. Therefore, our coatings are enhanced with antibacterial properties to effectively combat the growth and spread of harmful bacteria. They are also perfect for environments that demand high hygiene standards. Moreover, with a seamless finish, our antibacterial floor coatings not only improve cleanliness but also enhance the aesthetics of your space.

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Key benefits of anti bacterial floor coatings

Our anti bacterial floor coatings come with numerous advantages:

Enhanced hygiene

Our floor coatings actively reduce bacterial growth, ensuring a cleaner environment


These coatings actively resist heavy traffic, proving their suitability for commercial and industrial use

Aesthetic appeal

With a seamless finish, they also enhance the look of your floors

Easy maintenance

The nature of these coatings makes cleaning and maintenance straightforward and efficient

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They are ideal for any environment that requires high hygiene standards, such as healthcare facilities, food processing plants, schools, and commercial kitchens.

Absolutely, our antibacterial coatings stand up to heavy traffic while effectively maintaining their antibacterial properties.

Absolutely, with a seamless finish, our coatings not only improve hygiene but also enhance the aesthetics of your space.

Our coatings are easy to clean and maintain, making your upkeep tasks straightforward.

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