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About bund linings & chemical protective coatings

Bund linings play a critical role in any industrial site that houses large quantities of liquids. Moreover, they serve as containment structures designed to prevent spills and leaks from causing environmental damage. Bund linings and chemical protective coatings are also essential components that enhance the durability and functionality of these containment systems. Furthermore, at Industrial Resin Flooring Ltd, we specialise in dealing with the failure of chemical bunds caused by structural movement, chemical attack, or poor housekeeping. Moreover, our solution is simple: We install a brand-new, robust bund lining for you.

Custom bund linings & protective coatings

Our bund lining and coating solutions are not one-size-fits-all. This is because, we understand that each bund has specific needs based on the chemicals and concentrations used within them. Moreover, our technical engineers examine your unique requirements, cross-referencing them with our extensive database of available resins. As a result, we ensure we select the correct resin for your bund. Our professionally trained operatives then apply the chosen bund lining coatings, guaranteeing an application that fits your chemical bund perfectly.

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Key Benefits

Our bund linings & chemical protective coatings offer several beneficial features:

Expert application

Our bund lining coatings are professionally applied by our trained operatives. Therefore ensuring an optimal finish


We can deal with new bund linings, re-linings, surface repairs, fuel bund linings, and also chemical bund linings


Our resin-based linings and coatings create a durable coating vital for containing chemicals

Compatibility testing

We undertake extensive compatibility testing to provide compatible linings and coatings

Bund linings & chemical protective coatings in images

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Inspection & quality control

Our team of experts will complete a thorough check of the work undertaken and provide any maintenance information.

I have questions…

We base our selection on the chemicals and concentrations used in your bund. Our technical engineer checks against our database of available resins to find the right fit.

Yes, we handle both new bund linings and refurbishments of existing ones.

Our solutions are suitable for fuel linings, chemical linings, and both indoor and external linings.

We undertake compatibility testing with our leading manufacturers to provide a compatible lining and coating system.

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