Screed & pump systems

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About screed & pump systems

Industrial Resin Flooring actively designs screed and pump systems to mend damaged commercial concrete floors, eliminate pits, and level disparities. Moreover, our array of screeds caters to diverse surface requirements. As a result, we can pump the suggested cementitious screed on a grand scale, up to 1000m2 daily, guaranteeing rapid completion. Additionally, our screed allows for foot traffic just 24 hours post-application. Therefore, reducing operational interruptions. Furthermore, depending on the newton force necessary, we provide a selection of products.

Specialised screed & pump systems

Our specialised screeds are based on heavy-duty polyurethane and epoxy resin systems. These are also industry standards for high-performance resin floor screeds, particularly in heavy-duty industries such as food production and brewing. Additionally, each screed system is created with the highest order of durability, chemical resistance, and also high resistance to abrasion impact and chemical attack.

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Key characteristics of screed & pump systems

Our screed & pump systems solutions offer several beneficial features:

Chemically resistant

Ideal for industries handling corrosive substances, our screeds resist chemical attacks

Long term performance

Our screeds withstand high impact and resist chemical damage, ensuring enduring performance

Durable & hard-wearing

Our screed systems stand up to the harshest conditions. Therefore, guaranteeing long-lasting reliability

Steam cleanable

Our screeds can be steam cleaned at 9mm thickness. As a result, they simplify the cleaning process.

Screed & pump systems in images

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Yes. Our screed allows for foot traffic within 24 hours of application.

Our systems are ideal for heavy-duty industries like food processing, cold storage/freezers, chemical processing plants, brewing, vehicle traffic, and also engineering processing areas.

Yes. Our screeds are chemically resistant. Therefore, making them suitable for industries dealing with corrosive substances.

Absolutely. Our screed systems offer high resistance to abrasion impact, ensuring durability and long-term performance.

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