Dust proof coatings to
seal bare concrete

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About dust proof coatings

Dust proof coatings actively form a robust barrier on various surfaces, effectively blocking dust accumulation and bolstering durability. Moreover, these versatile coatings have made their mark in diverse applications, spanning from the automotive to construction sectors. Furthermore, at Industrial Resin Flooring, we focus on delivering a high-performing dust proof coating specifically for concrete surfaces.

Dust proof coatings to seal bare concrete

Our dust proof coatings work proactively to seal bare concrete surfaces. They also offer a shield against dust and other particulates. Therefore, proving invaluable in high-traffic areas where dust can pose significant challenges. Moreover, our expert team applies these coatings meticulously, resulting in a durable environment that stays clean and remains free from dust.

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Key benefits of dust proof coatings

Our dust proof coating services comes with numerous advantages:

Enhanced durability

Dust proofing strengthens surfaces to withstand heavy foot traffic, thereby extending your floors’ lifespan

Improved hygiene

By curtailing dust accumulation, these coatings foster a cleaner, more hygienic environment


Dust proof coatings adapt to various surfaces, including metal, glass, and concrete, showcasing their flexibility

Cost effective

By reducing the need for frequent cleaning and repairs, these coatings cut down maintenance costs

Dust proof coatings in images

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Inspection & quality control

Our team of experts will complete a thorough check of the work undertaken and provide any maintenance information.

I have questions…

The coating acts as a sealant designed to block dust accumulation on a surface. Therefore, enhancing its durability and cleanliness.

The coating forms a barrier that repels dust and other particulates. As a result, denying them access to the surface.

Dust proof coatings work exceptionally well on concrete surfaces, but they can also be applied to metal, glass, and other materials.

The longevity of a dust proof coating hinges on factors such as traffic volume and the quality of application. Therefore, proper maintenance can ensure they last for many years.

Yes, regular sweeping and mopping generally suffice to keep a dust proof coated floor in good condition. It’s also recommended to promptly clean up spills to prevent staining.

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