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About commercial floor coatings

Commercial floor coatings play a crucial role in the upkeep and enhancement of commercial spaces. Industrial Resin Flooring Ltd is your single source supplier of flooring systems. Moreover, our coatings excel in demanding environments. As a result, they provide cost-effective solutions that stand the test of time while also consistently maintaining the highest standards.

Specialised commercial floor coatings

We proactively tailor our services to fit your unique needs. Therefore, we provide a variety of specialised commercial floor coatings. Additionally, depending on your requirements, we can supply abrasion-resistant coatings or options that ease cleaning tasks with optional coving. Moreover, our solutions, notable for their durability and also easy maintenance, are engineered specifically for commercial use. Furthermore, by recognising the individual requirements of each commercial space, we gear up to meet those with precision and quality.

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Key benefits of commercial floor coatings

Our floor painting solutions offer several beneficial features:

Easy Maintenance

A clean commercial space is a productive one. Therefore, our coatings are designed to be easy to maintain

Increased safety

Ensure workplace safety with slip-resistant coatings. They lower slips and falls, therefore protecting employees


Our durable, abrasion-resistant commercial floor coatings withstand heavy traffic and machinery


Durable and resistant to water, chemicals, and UV, our coatings are ideal for various commercial applications

Commercial floor coatings in images

Checkout our selection of photos showcasing our installations in various settings.

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Inspection & quality control

Our team of experts will complete a thorough check of the work undertaken and provide any maintenance information.

I have questions…

Extremely! Our floor coatings are designed to be hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant, perfect for areas with high foot traffic or heavy machinery use.

We designed our floor coatings for easy maintenance and optional coving. As a result, simplifying the cleaning process.

Yes, they do. We offer optional slip-resistant coatings. As a result, we reduce the risk of slips and falls. Moreover, we enhance overall safety.

Absolutely. Our commercial floor coatings are waterproof and chemically resistant. Therefore, making them suitable for a wide range of commercial applications.

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