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About nosing & treads

Nosing and treads are essential components of any staircase, offering both safety and durability. Therefore, we provide a wide variety of nosings and treads designed to work seamlessly with your existing stairs. Moreover, our products are not only quick to install, but also require no curing time. As a result, you experience minimal downtime. Furthermore, our cost-effective GRP Stair nosings provide a long-term solution that helps businesses comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Specialised nosing & treads

Our specialised nosing and treads are perfect for stairs that experience high footfall or have heavily worn steps. Additionally, these products are designed to cover your existing steps and are just as quick to install as they are durable. Moreover, all our nosings and treads come in a broad selection of colours. As a result, you can find the perfect match for your decor or branding.

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Key benefits of nosing & treads

Our nosing & treads solutions offer several beneficial features:

Efficient installation

Designed for fast installation with no curing time. As a result there is minimal downtime for your business


They are a cost-effective, long-term solution to help businesses comply with the Disability Discrimination Act


Our nosings and treads are perfect for high-traffic staircases and worn-out steps

Colour variety

We offer a variety of colours for all our nosings and treads. As a result, they seamlessly integrate into any space

Nosing & treads in images

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Inspection & quality control

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Designed to boost safety and durability, nosings and treads actively enhance your staircase. You can also install them swiftly on your existing stairs.

We’ve designed our nosings and treads for immediate installation, eliminating curing time and minimising downtime for your facility.

Absolutely, our nosings and treads excel on stairs with high footfall and heavily worn steps, showcasing their impressive durability

Absolutely! All of our nosings and treads come in a wide selection of colours, so you can find the perfect match for your decor or branding.

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