Engineering Facilities Floor Renovation

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The brief

Imagine an engineering facility bustling with activity, where precision and safety are paramount. Now picture its floors, once marred by years of oil contamination, posing hazards and hindering productivity. This was the challenge faced by one of our clients, an esteemed engineering facility embarking on a comprehensive renovation journey.

The solution

With our expertise in industrial flooring solutions, we devised a tailored plan to transform the facility’s floors into a safe, durable, and efficient workspace. The first step involved heavy grinding of the contaminated floor using state-of-the-art diamond grinders. This meticulous process ensured the removal of all traces of oil, preparing the surface for further treatment.

Next, we applied a specially formulated oil-tolerant primer, designed to penetrate and seal the substrate, creating a barrier against future oil ingress. This crucial step not only addressed the existing contamination but also provided long-term protection against potential hazards.

Building upon the primed surface, we coated the floor with an epoxy high-build coating, renowned for its exceptional durability and chemical resistance. This coating not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the floor but also reinforced its structural integrity, capable of withstanding the rigours of daily operations in an engineering facility.

To enhance safety and workflow efficiency, we strategically installed demarcation walkways, delineating designated pathways within the facility. Additionally, heavy slip-resistant areas were incorporated near machining stations, ensuring maximum traction and stability in high-risk zones.

The result

Outcome: The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. What was once a contaminated and hazardous floor is now a beacon of safety and efficiency. The engineering facility not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing a conducive environment for precision work and innovation.

Employees can now navigate the facility with confidence, thanks to clearly defined walkways and slip-resistant areas. The risk of accidents has significantly reduced, fostering a culture of safety and well-being among the workforce.

Furthermore, the durability of the epoxy high-build coating ensures minimal downtime for maintenance, allowing the facility to operate seamlessly without interruptions. This translates to increased productivity and cost savings for the client, making the investment in floor renovation truly worthwhile.

Conclusion: The successful renovation of the engineering facility’s floors serves as a testament to the transformative power of innovative flooring solutions. By addressing the specific needs and challenges of our client, we have not only revitalized their workspace but also set a new standard for excellence in industrial flooring.



Enhanced Saftey

The implementation of demarcation walkways and heavy slip-resistant areas has significantly reduced the risk of accidents, fostering a safer working environment for employees.


Improved Efficiency

Clear pathways and strategically located slip-resistant areas have optimised workflow efficiency, allowing for smoother operations and increased productivity within the facility.


Long-Term Durability

The application of epoxy high-build coating and oil-tolerant primer ensures the longevity and structural integrity of the renovated floors, minimising the need for frequent maintenance and reducing downtime.


Elevated Standards

The successful renovation sets a new benchmark for excellence in industrial flooring, demonstrating the transformative impact of innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of engineering facilities.