Station Garage

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The brief

Industrial Resin Flooring Limited successfully executed a project involving the installation of KDR’s industrial resin coating systems to enhance and safeguard the automotive garage floor of a client. The client had previously faced challenges with durability and safety demarcation lines, resorting to tape applications. This led to increased safety risks in critical working areas. To address these concerns and minimize disruption, the project was completed over a focused four-day period, spanning from Friday to Monday, aligning with the client’s operational hours.

The solution

Floor Preparation: Given the floor’s saturation with oil and contaminants, a comprehensive approach was adopted. The floor underwent stripping back to concrete using a Terrco grinder, and the metalwork was meticulously shot-blasted in preparation for the coating.

Resin Coating System Applied: The selected resin coating system included Pigmented EpoPrime OT and EpoCoat HB in grey, black, and blue for the metalwork. Yellow EpoCoat LineMarker was strategically applied to demarcate safe zones around pits and rolling roads. The resulting aesthetics showcased a seamless finish with a durable surface that is not only visually appealing but also easy to clean and maintain—a crucial consideration for a garage environment prone to oil and debris accumulation.

Significance of EpoPrime OT: EpoPrime OT played a pivotal role in this project by ensuring proper adhesion to the concrete despite oil contamination—a common issue in workshop settings. The primer also served to seal the concrete in readiness for the subsequent coating system.

EpoPrime OT Key Points:

  • Areas of Use: Automotive workshops, Aircraft hangars, Transport manufacturing facilities
  • Purpose: Primer for concrete with low levels of residual contamination before applying Epoxy and Polyurethane Resin Flooring Systems.
  • Advantages: Low odour, Low viscosity, Improved adhesion to concrete, Easily applied

EpoCoat HB Features: EpoCoat HB Key Points:

  • Areas of Use: Automotive workshops, Commercial spaces, Stadiums, arenas & leisure facilities, WC and changing rooms, Food processing areas, Manufacturing facilities, Warehousing and distribution centres
  • Advantages: Solvent-free, Fast application, Hygienic and easy to clean, Seamless floor finish, High build that is tough and durable, Chemical and mechanical resistance, Wide range of colour options

The result

In conclusion, the successful completion of this project not only addressed the client’s immediate concerns but also provided a resilient, visually appealing, and easy-to-maintain flooring solution tailored to the demanding environment of an automotive garage.



Enhanced durability

The resin floor’s superior strength has made it capable of withstanding constant heavy machinery use and high foot traffic, significantly outperforming the previous concrete flooring.


Improved Safety

The non-slip property of the resin flooring, coupled with clearly marked zones for movement, has substantially reduced the risk of workplace accidents.


Easy maintenance

The seamless nature of the resin floor prevents dirt accumulation, making it easier to clean and maintain, thereby saving time and reducing long-term costs for the client.


Increased efficiency

The clearly marked zones on the resin floor have streamlined the warehouse’s operations, ensuring that machinery and personnel move more efficiently, which has led to an overall increase in productivity.