Manufacturing Facility Flooring Transformation

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The brief

Industrial Resin Flooring Limited embarked on a multifaceted project to elevate the flooring standards of a sprawling manufacturing facility. The client’s explicit requirements were centred around creating a seamless, safe, and compliant working environment. Key elements included the installation of a seamless floor, demarcation walkways indicating mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) zones, and specialised slip-resistant properties in designated machining areas. Recognising the operational sensitivity of the facility, the project was meticulously planned and executed in phases to minimise disruption to ongoing production.

The solution

1. Heavy Contamination: The manufacturing facility, having amassed years of operational history, presented a substantial flooring challenge due to pervasive oil contamination. Our solution involved a detailed assessment of the extent of contamination, followed by a tailored approach. Terrco grinding and specialised oil-tolerant products were employed to eradicate oil contamination, ensuring a clean and pristine substrate for subsequent flooring applications.

2. Phased Approach: To harmonise flooring enhancements with ongoing production, a phased approach was adopted. Each phase involved a thorough evaluation of contamination levels and the application of targeted solutions. This strategic implementation allowed our team to work on specific areas while ensuring the seamless continuation of manufacturing processes elsewhere.

3. Seamless Flooring with Demarcation Walkways: The installation of a seamless floor was integral to the project’s success. Demarcation walkways were meticulously incorporated to clearly outline zones where PPE was mandatory. This not only addressed safety concerns but also contributed to the organisation and visual clarity within the facility.

4. Slip-Resistant Properties in Designated Machining Areas: Recognising the need for enhanced safety in designated machining areas, our team deployed specialised flooring solutions. These included a slip-resistant topcoat, providing an extra layer of protection against slips and falls in areas with high machinery activity and foot traffic.

The result

Outcome: The successful completion of this flooring transformation project resulted in a manufacturing space that not only met but exceeded safety and operational standards. The seamless floor, demarcation walkways, and slip-resistant properties not only addressed immediate concerns but also contributed to an aesthetically improved and compliant working environment.

Conclusion: This case study exemplifies Industrial Resin Flooring Limited’s capability to navigate intricate challenges, provide bespoke solutions, and deliver phased projects with finesse. The transformed manufacturing facility now boasts a resilient, safety-conscious, and visually appealing flooring system—a testament to our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction in every project we undertake.



Enhanced durability

The resin floor’s superior strength has made it capable of withstanding constant heavy machinery use and high foot traffic, significantly outperforming the previous concrete flooring.


Improved Safety

The non-slip property of the resin flooring, coupled with clearly marked zones for movement, has substantially reduced the risk of workplace accidents.


Easy maintenance

The seamless nature of the resin floor prevents dirt accumulation, making it easier to clean and maintain, thereby saving time and reducing long-term costs for the client.


Increased efficiency

The clearly marked zones on the resin floor have streamlined the warehouse’s operations, ensuring that machinery and personnel move more efficiently, which has led to an overall increase in productivity.